Dear Ardjan, we would like to thank you for the good planning & organization of our trip to Uzbekistan last summer! We found it a beautiful country, very friendly people, very good local guides and everything went smoothly in terms of organization!
As the only mentionable improvement point we might not recommend the folklore show in Bukhara for 'young' people of our age ... For the rest a super trip! Good luck with all your future trips & thanks again!
Louise van Isterdael, Saskia & Helena Verbeek from Belgium on their 12-day classical round tour in Uzbekistan in September 2018.

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Kazakhstan! Ardjan has helped very well. He listened well, worked quickly, and always responded quickly and adequately to our questions, also on the road. We received two contacts for the trip (in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan respectively) who did a good job. We have had a wonderful holiday, and will definitely recommend you.
Tjemme & Ineke from The Netherlands on their stay in Almaty and short trips into Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan for four persons in August 2018.

Dear Ardjan, we want to thank you and the people from the local partner for this beautiful trip. Uzbekistan has pleasantly surprised us. Rich culture, variety in landscapes, friendly people, good food ...The organization was excellent and went flawlessly. We had a great driver who could handle the holes and bumps in the asphalt perfectly, was always ready and spoke with us in Spanish. The guides in the cities each had their style and a great knowledge. Anton solved a suddenly emerging problem. The hotels were well located and offered good quality. We still enjoy this intense travel experience. Sincerely.
Familie Vanderbeek-Frans from Belgium on their 12-day familty tour for four persons in Uzbekistan in July 2018.

Hi Ardjan, yesterday we returned from Turkmenistan. With this I would like to thank you for everything that you have arranged for us! We had a nice holiday.However, I wanted to let you know that it is only possible to exchange euros with the travel organization and nothing else in the country. In addition, there is a tourist tax per night in the hotels that must be paid in dollars. Unfortunately, we came here late when we had no more dollars, euros and local money were not accepted. That is why we would recommend taking more dollars. Maybe you can give this to the following travelers.
Donna van der Meer and Lisa van Wingerden from The Netherlands on their eight days tour in Turkmenistan on July 2018.

Dear Ardjan, we have had a carefree and fantastic journey. The environment in both countries was even better than we had imagined and the people were much friendlier than expected (we had expected Russian 'friendliness'). We were also happy with our choice to travel without a guide, that is fine to do and gives a bit more freedom.
The overnight stays were very varied and sometimes had above expectation luxury. Food in the homestays was very good. Thanks to the fact that the overnight locations in cities & villages were located in central places we could immediately explore the neighborhood. The Baytur resort was disappointing with unfriendly staff and all the plumbing was leaking (we had a cottage, maybe the yurts are better).
Car rental was excellent, clear contract and good agreements. Overnight locations could have been specified in advance, for example with coordinates. We will definitely recommend you to friends who also want to travel in Central Asia. Maybe I will go on motorbike again through Kyrgystan and Tajikistan. Thank you for arranging. Sincerely.
Diederik Zuiderwijk from The Netherlands on his 21-day tour for two persons in Kazakhstan & Kyrgystan in rented cars in August 2018.

As I promised, I am getting back to you regarding our holiday. It was fantastic. The balance between trekking and having a look was achieved.  The final itinerary was a good balance. 
Each section of Kazakhstan was unique, our local guides great, so knowledgeable and made sure our trip was fantastic.  All guides were punctual, where a guide was due to be that's where they were.  The drivers were very courteous and safe and good travelling companions. The train travel great, the people so friendly. It was amazing the conversations we had with locals without any common language. The family photos and a couple of kangaroo pictures broke the ice.
A storm which meant we couldn't camp overnight caused us to sleep in pilgrims hostel at one of the underground mosques. What an amazing experience, actually one of the highlights.
Tajikistan was also great, so incredibly beautiful and again the people lovely. Great guide and driver for the trip. Overall the accommodation was excellent, the standard differed in each location to match the location.
The only criticism was we had too much food, so well fed. The restaurants etc, great. For people wanting to experience these two countries this trip was perfect. Once again thanks.
Steve and Penny Beagley from Darwin, Australia, on their 27-day itinerary in Kazakhstan (including the Mangistau region) & Tajikistan in May-June 2018.

Hi Ardjan, we are already a few weeks back from our great tour through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, but still want to thank you so much that you have arranged everything so well for us. Everywhere we arrived, someone was waiting for us to take us to our destination. The guides were very cordial and knew a lot about nature, buildings and history. Most drivers could also speak a little to very good English. Also the hotels and homestays were fine with a good breakfast and dinner. The only thing that could have been better was the beds. Especially in the Altyn Emel hotel I have hardly been able to sleep. The beds were so hard. The women who run the hotel there, however, were so friendly that it made a lot of money. The hotel in Buchara was the nicest hotel we had and the homestay in Saty village was the nicest place. Here we sat with a number of international tourists at the campfire in the evening. All in all a successful holiday. Thanks for that.
Michel Koggel and Sacha Blum from The Netherlands on their 19 day tour in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in September 2017

Back in 2016, Central Asia Tours Reizen provided us with a knowledgeable guide and a reliable driver for a tour of Uzbekistan which took us from Khiva in the west to the Fergana Valley in the east. It was the trip of a lifetime and we would recommend it to anybody.
Martin and Barbara from Italy on their two weeks trip in Uzbekistan in August 2016.