• In May 2024 we made a 12-day trip to Uzbekistan, an unforgettable trip! We saw so many beautiful things and learned a lot about the country.

    During the planning process, Ardjan thought along with us and gave us all kinds of options to tailor the trip to our interests as much as possible. We delved deeper into Soviet history in Tashkent, traveled through the country by night train, and visited the rugged area of ​​Karakalpakstan and the Aral Sea. The guides are nice and know a lot about their city, and the hotels are neat.

    And with a little Russian, the long car journeys between locations are easy to survive because of all the wild stories the drivers tell you. We are one experience richer!

    Greetings, Fabienne and Stefan

    Fabienne and Stefan from Voorschoten, The Netherlands, on their 12-day tour in Uzbekistan in May 2024
  • Fascinating

    With four people we had a well-organized trip to Uzbekistan and part of Tajikistan in the spring of 2024. They are quite complex countries, but safe, clean and easy to travel. Good preparation and good guides on site are crucial. Ardjan, from Central Asia Tours, proved to be a good discussion partner. He listened to our specific wishes (as no longer working travelers) and made good recommendations. It was crucial that what he organized turned out to be correct on the spot.

    We felt absolutely safe everywhere. The people we met turned out to be nice and hospitable. The advantage of the various guides is not only that they tell a lot, but also that you can start a conversation. They are fascinating countries.

    That fascination lies in the history, in the culture and in the people. Many buildings from the famous Silk Road have been restored as heritage, but the many archaeological sites have a richer past. Much of the heritage is located in present-day Russia, but the possibilities for visualizing it are endless. Keeping your eyes open makes it possible to get a good idea of ​​the experience of Islam and man-woman relations. Just like the influence of Russia and China. It is hoped that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan can continue to develop without too much outside interference.

    The cities of the Silk Road are a must. But it really helped the balance in our 3 weeks that we included both the mountains, the Fergana valley and Karakalpakstan in western Uzbekistan, in our trip. The museum in Nukus, for example, turned out to be a gem.

    HV (from the Netherlands)

    HV from The Netherlands on a 19-day tour for four people in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in April-May 2024
  • Fascinerend

    Met vier personen hadden we in het voorjaar van 2024 een goed georganiseerde reis naar Oezbekistan en een deel van Tadzjikistan. Het zijn best wel complexe landen, maar veilig, schoon en prima te bereizen. Goede voorbereiding en goede gidsen ter plaatse, zijn cruciaal. Ardjan, van Centraal-Aziëreizen, bleek daarbij de goede gesprekspartner. Hij luisterde naar onze specifieke wensen (als niet meer werkende reizigers) en deed goede aanbevelingen. Cruciaal was dat wat hij organiseerde, ter plekke ook bleek te kloppen.

    We hebben ons overal absoluut veilig gevoeld. De mensen die we ontmoetten bleken aardig en gastvrij. Voordeel van de diverse gidsen is niet alleen dat zij veel vertellen, maar ook dat je in gesprek kunt komen. Het zijn fascinerende landen.

    Dat fascinerende zit in de geschiedenis, in de cultuur en in de mensen. Veel gebouwen van de fameuze Zijderoute zijn als erfgoed hersteld, maar de vele archeologische sites omvatten een rijker verleden. Veel van het erfgoed bevindt zich in het huidige Rusland, maar de mogelijkheden om je een beeld te vormen zijn legio. Ogen openhouden maakt het mogelijk om een goed beeld te krijgen van de beleving van de Islam en de man-vrouw verhoudingen. Net als van de invloed van Rusland en China. Het is te hopen dat Oezbekistan en Tadzjikistan zich zonder te veel bemoeienis van buiten, kunnen blijven ontwikkelen.

    De steden van de Zijderoute zijn een must. Maar het heeft de balans in onze 3 weken echt geholpen dat we zowel de bergen, de Fergana vallei als Karakalpakstan in het westen van Oezbekistan, in onze trip hebben opgenomen. Het museum in Nukus bijvoorbeeld, bleek een juweeltje.

    HV (uit Nederland)

    HV uit Nederland over een reis van 19 dagen met vier personen in Oezbekistan en Tadzjikistan in april-mei 2024
  • Hi Ardjan,

    We returned from Uzbekistan yesterday. My son and I had a fantastic trip.

    Uzbekistan is so beautiful. And how it has changed. I traveled there 30 years ago to work for the Red Cross.

    And then I have been to Tashkent and the surrounding area several times since, the last time in 2014. Taskhent has become a truly modern metropolis. So nice to see that the country has developed so much.

    We enjoyed the program, the beautiful cities where Khiva had a wow effect, Bukhara a 2x wow effect and Samarkand had a 3x wow effect on us. It is also very nice to sleep in the yurt camp and stay in the mountain village of Hayat.

    The guides were excellent and the drivers were all friendly and helpful. Everyone was right on time.

    In short, a great trip to experience with my son. Thank you for all the good care.

    Greetings, Anke

    Anke van Dam from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on her 11-day trip with her son in Uzbekistan in May 2024
  • Hi Ardjan!

    I have been meaning to email you I’m sorry. We’ve just finished up skiing in Georgia the last few days. The tour in Kazakhstan was incredible. Kostya and Nastya were so kind, well-prepared and knowledgeable hosts. The highlights for me were hiking in Aktau, camping in the canyon and also walking across the big dirt mounds (I can’t remember where but we went with Nastya and had to find our way across, ending in the big goat statue). I have very warm memories of these things.

    I have a thousand photos and videos to sort through at some point. If there is anywhere I can leave a review for you please send me the links, I’d be very happy to give 5 stars everywhere.

    Warm regards


    Madeleine Manning from Australia on her six day adventure from Almaty with a friend in March 2024
  • Dear Ardjan,

    We would like to share our impressions of the trip.


    • The flight & transfer were easy, a little more rest time between arrival and the first tour would have been nice.
    • Hospitable people and open to tourists
    • Uzbekistan has a lot of mosques, mausoleums & bazaars, perhaps indicating that it is very focused on history, it would be nice if there were also a completely different attraction or sight to see,
    • Excellent guides & hotels
    • Trains very nice


    • The procedure at the border crossing was an experience, sometimes a bit unclear.
    • BP was apparently a border crossing and not a gas station 😂.
    • Nice experience, such a completely different, bizarre form of government.
    • Hotel in Ashgabat clearly dated and a bit outside the center.
    • Trip through desert to Darwaza was a real experience.
    • Good company Owadan, good driver, they get nervous when tourists start doing something themselves, but you can hardly prevent that.
    • on-site costs were not too bad…

    It was a nice combinatie-on between the two countries, a very nice trip, many impressions were gained, the whole thing was very well organised, thanks for that.

    Michael & Mick

    Michael and Mick Walzberg on their 15-day tour in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in February 2024
  • Dear Ardjan,

    Sorry for this late email, we are still enjoying our fantastic trip that we booked with you. The organization, your accessibility and adaptation to proposals or changes can be an example for many potential tour organizers.

    There is nothing to criticize about our 16-day trip, the ‘Classic Tour of Uzbekistan’.
    The hotels, guides and drivers were TOP.

    One hotel is of course more luxurious than the other, one guide speaks better English than his colleague in another city, and the same goes for the drivers, but all this is not to the extent to complain about it, because we have we enjoyed ourselves incredibly in beautiful Uzbekistan!

    The rich culture, the pleasant people, the delicious cuisine and the ever-changing landscapes throughout the country were an enrichment.

    Glad that we always ate locally along the way (instead of the standard restaurants with tourist buses in front of the door) and were able to discover that side. Sitting at the low tables and enjoying a delicious Plov is an unforgettable experience.

    We would once again like to express our sincere thanks to our regular driver during the trip ‘Ismail’…he is a SUPER Driver, and a lovely man…we had a lot of laughs along the way, so we would appreciate it if you could contact him again through your connections in the country. would like to say hello from us.

    This email can of course be used on your site, because good advertising removes doubts from the many travel offers.

    Choose this trip via Ardjan and fully enjoy beautiful Uzbekistan.

    Personally, we would add Nukus (for museum lovers) and skip the day off in the Fergana valley, but that is of course a personal choice and one that you think you will change afterwards if you do that trip again.

    Hopefully see you again, and thanks again for this beautiful memory,

    Ronny and Christine

    Ronny & Christine from Mertchtem, Belgium, on their 16-days tour in Uzbekistan in October 2023
  • Hi Ardjan,

    We really enjoyed our trip through Uzbekistan! It is a beautiful country, with an interesting history and many sights.

    The trip was excellently organized for us by you. Everything was right, cars, drivers, guides, hotels, Yurt camps, train and plane. The joining of the children also went well and above all smoothly. You have arranged all organizational matters excellently. Many thanks for this.

    If you would like any substantive feedback, I would certainly be happy to do so.


    Maarten and Maria

    Maarten en Maria Vermeulen from Dussen in The Netherlands on their 17-days tour in Uzbekistan in October 2023
  • Ardjan,

    our 3 weeks in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan went smoothly. No problem at all, agreements always kept, accommodation OK wherever, interesting program…… A thank you is in order.  Regards, Satisfied Johan and Lies.

    Johan Declercq from Gent, Belgium, on his three week tour in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for two persons in September 2023
  • We had a very nice trip.

    As for the guidance (guide, driver), excellent people, who spoke good English and with whom you can have a good conversation about anything and everything.

    As for the accommodations. The first accommodation in Almaty was by far the least. An old dated hotel, where we were unlucky to be without water for a day. The room was clean, but that was it. The mattresses were probably as old as the hotel. The breakfast, location and staff were excellent. For a next trip I would suggest choosing an alternative to this.

    The other accommodations were good, friendly staff and we enjoyed everything.

    It was a beautiful and varied trip, both in terms of nature and culture. Although Astana was a bit of a culture shock, we had to switch from the farmer to the modern world. But again an excellent guide who made everything right.

    Gerrit van Dam from Hengelo in The Netherlands on his Highlights of Kazakhstan Tour for two persons in August 2023
  • We would like to let you know that we had a fantastic trip to Uzbekistan! Not only a fascinating country, but the organization was also top notch.

    From the start, telephone contact and email exchange about our wishes and the final implementation and experience, a BIG compliment.

    The people were waiting for us at all agreed locations, after the plane or train journey, to take us to the reserved hotel. Even prior to the various excursions, the guide and transport were punctually arranged, everything was perfect!

    The different guides – each location brought a different guide – spoke good English and took all the time for questions and further explanation. They also took the time to tell us all about their own culture and customs. Each of the guides, as well as the drivers, were extremely friendly and personable; so worth a good review!

    The scheduled free time was also very enjoyable and provided space to wander through the different cities on your own. In short, we have gained a wonderful experience and have nothing but praise for this wonderful trip.

    Julia Ruijgrok and Marie-Sophie van Leeuwen from The Netherlands about their 10-day trip in Uzbekistan in September 2023
  • Hello Ardjan,

    We have been back in the Netherlands for two days now, time to look back on this fantastic journey.

    All credit to the organization (by you and the Uzbeks): we were neatly picked up everywhere with a sign “Anton & Antonius”, never had to wait a single minute for guides or drivers, the hotels were impeccable, the excursions very interesting ( albeit rather tiring for two not so very young people…)

    But a few minor things: driver Ismail, who transported us for most of the week — very friendly, caring and helpful — barely spoke English.

    Then Hotel Atlas in Bukhara: as I said: clean, great room and breakfast, nothing wrong with that. But when we asked on arrival to indicate the hotel on a map that we had been given, total panic broke out at the desk.

    All in all “minor details”, but still. Use it to your advantage!

    Many thanks again for a wonderful trip, and who knows see you next time. We will definitely recommend Central Asia Tours to friends and acquaintances!

    Ton Stauttener & Ton Vogels from The Netherlands on their ten day trip in Uzbekistan in May 2023
  • Hi Ardjan,

    finally found some time to write a short report.

    Very honest ? We are quite discerning travelers and this was obviously not our 1st travel destination, but we absolutely loved it!!!! Everything was arranged down to the last detail and we never had a problem.

    We were expected everywhere and received warmly. Even Anton was very eager to meet us on the 1st day of travel in Tashkent.

    Arrival at the airport in TASHKENT was a breeze. No papers to fill out and no questions were even asked. Baggage was not even checked.

    The border crossing to Tajikistan was also very pleasant (they knew all Belgian football players by name!) and almost all officials welcomed us with “Welcome to my country”.

    All drivers were very professional and the cars very comfortable.

    The guides were also great, we immediately had a good click and I especially liked the female guides. We could talk about just about any subject and they were clearly used to dealing with Europeans. Their English was also very OK.

    Hotels : very nice hotels in Uzbekistan and in Dushanbe : all cozy hotels with personal service and delicious breakfasts, the location of the hotels couldn’t be better : always right in the (old) center of the cities. In KHIVA we even stayed in the suite!

    Homestays in Tajikistan : our tour was adapted a bit by Umed (e.g. the first 2 nights we slept in the same homestay) : obviously more basic but very pleasant, pretty neat and above all very hospitable ! Especially our stay at base camp Artuch was very nice. We shared a cottage with bathroom, together with the young guide Nicky and laughed quite a bit. The Homestay on Lake Iskandarkul even had a room with a private bathroom and TV and we had dinner and breakfast outside right on the lake…unforgettable, see photo!! The hiking was also very good.

    The only minus (to mention something): it is not a paradise for vegetarians. We were definitely not hungry, but they are not just vegetarians yet. We mainly ate a lot of “garnish” (potatoes, vegetables, rice, …)

    And the bread ….. unfortunately often hard & stale, very understandable in the villages of course.

    What made us ESPECIALLY very happy was the balance between free roaming and visiting on the one hand and guided visits on the other. We always arrived in Uzbekistan around 13-14h and then had plenty of time to walk around and get to know the destinations. The next day we got the explanation from a guide. We found those free moments and evenings very pleasant.

    And last but not least: both countries allow you to drink a pint or a glass of wine in a restaurant/hotel.

    Nancy & Les from Belgiium on their 18-day tour in Uzbekistan & Tajikistan in April-May 2023
  • Extensive personal advice and a fantastic well-organized tour through beautiful Kazakhstan. What really stood out was the attention to detail. This already started with the program and it proved time and again on the spot. From reception at the airport to a small shift in the program that allowed us to do and see just that little bit more. The tour was very varied and showed us a lot of different nature. With the bonus that our driver spoke good English and arranged nice extras on his own. We will probably go to Central Asia again and then come back for another booking.

    Family Bakker from Haarlem, The Netherlands, on their ten day travelling period in and around Almaty in August 2022
  • In September 2021 we made a tour through Uzbekistan. The country was unknown territory for us. The beautiful country, the gentle people, the breathtaking buildings, the good food, the beautiful views, the fascinating history, … exceeded our wildest dreams. An unprecedented gem in Central Asia. Of course we visited all the high-lights such as Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and the Fergana valley, but we also visited the lesser-known areas.
We traveled to Nukus and toured the bottom of Lake Aral to the edge of the lake. An ambigious experience, so deserted, so fascinating, so unreal, so quiet, … and also very beautiful.
From Samarkand we traveled over fascinating ridges south to Termez, a border town with Afghanistan. On the way we first visited the monuments of Shakhrisabz. Unknown, but definitely worth a visit.
In the region around Termez we got to know a completely different Uzbekistan, different nature, landscapes and people.
Uzbekistan: unknown and unloved, for us a topper in every way. Of course we had this in part thanks to Ardjan from Central Asia Tours. Everything was arranged down to the last detail, beautiful accommodations, fascinating excursions. A very varied program that is highly recommended for anyone considering a visit to this fascinating country.

    Thera and Dirk from Belgium on their 21 days tour in Uzbekistan in August & September 2021
  • We look back on a very successful trip!! Everything went smoothly, thanks to the good organization and hospitality of Rakhmatjon. The van which always arrived on time, the local city guides, who all spoke English well and were well informed. Rakhmatjon advised us on nice restaurants, made sure we were at the light show in Samarkand, you name it. We were always on time at the airport or train stations. We also found the homestay a very nice experience, although, if I may say something about it, this was more of a reasonably large bed and breakfast than a homestay. We stayed there with 22 people at the same time. But does not take away; it was very nice to be able to walk in the mountains. It was nice to get away from the cities and see something of the countryside. The people were very hospitable. They sang while eating, we were still allowed to view the local clinic … It was a beautiful and very successful trip. What a beautiful impressive cities! The weather was also very nice, which is of a big plus. The moment we left, the temperature dropped by around 10 degrees… We found the hotel in Tashkent very good.

    Joke Joosten from The Netherlands on her 10-day trip with eight people in Uzbekistan in October 2019
  • Hi Ardjan, we have just returned from a fantastic 14-day holiday in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. It was a unique destination and experience!!! Advertising for this will certainly be made to family and friends. One downside: Almaty was disappointing. For the rest of the holiday: 10/10!

    Martine and Fraukje from Belgium on their 16-day adventure in Uzbekistan & Kazakhstan in September 2019
  • Hi Zhaniya, thanks for a very nice trip in Kazakhstan. We were very impressed with nature and the diversity in the landscape! Nurlan was a good guide & driver and could certainly speak English well enough to make jokes during car journeys and dinner. We had a really nice time with him. The car itself was also very comfortable. I had asked myself to extend the standard trip by one day, in retrospect I would have kept it on four days. Our (walking) pace was higher than expected.The best thing we found ourselves was the hike in the Aktau mountains, a very special experience, because we were all alone. We also found the homestay in Saty highly recommended, really friendly and hospitable people and good food. So we had a great holiday, thanks again for organizing it!

    Thomas & Lindsy from Belgium on their five-day trip from Almaty in September 2019
  • We have just returned from our three-day trip! It was amazing! Give them a big compliment there in Kazakhstan and especially Constantin, our driver did a fantastic job. He spoke English very well (and even knew a few words of Dutch). It was a great person, great ride and we have seen fantastic beautiful things!

    Veerle Thys from Belgium on her three-day trip with four people from Almaty in July-August 2019
  • Hello Ardjan, we really enjoyed our 4-day trip to the mountains. Tau was a great guide. He spoke English well, was energetic, knew a lot about the area and was very pleasant to deal with. It went perfectly with my son. I found Kazakhstan very beautiful. It has increased my knowledge about the country and has given me a better understanding of the Kazakhs. Thank you for your advice and the organization!

    Anke van Dam from The Netherlands on her five day trip with her son in Almaty Province in July 2019
  • Hi Ardjan, we came home last night after 18 fantastic days in Kazakhstan. Thank you for arranging everything so well for us. The hotels, the guesthouse in Saty, the yurt in the Charyn Canyon, the transportation to the hotels, everything was arranged perfectly. Sacha and Dina gave us a wonderful time around Almaty. We were very happy with the comfortable car where we had enough space for our group of six (with air conditioning ) and with the agile driving style of Sacha. Dina was the perfect guide for us: always friendly and busy, very good with the children and well-informed about the history and customs in Kazakhstan. The children meanwhile call her Aunty Dina, I think this says enough. She has succeeded in making Zhano even more proud of his roots than he already was. It is also great that her English is so good, a lot was understandable for the children too. Furthermore, we experienced the Kazakh population as very hospitable and nature was breathtaking.

    Nele Hermie on her 18-days tour with six people in different parts of Kazakhstan in July 2019
  • Hello Ardjan, Zhaniya, I would like to thank you for a very nice and very well organized trip in Kazakhstan. We have had a great time and have had unforgettable impressions. The vast and empty landscapes of the steppe, the breathtaking views in the Aktau mountains and in the surroundings of the Kolsai lakes are a crazy experience. We were somewhat unlucky with the weather, but in the end one day of rain also had its charm. We therefore skipped horse riding in Kolsai, and arranged horse riding ourselves in the Turgen valley on the last day, which was also excellent. Fantastic beautiful views. Furthermore, it was really great to be so far from civilization, not to meet anybody, and to sit by an open fire every evening in the open air. Our guide, Nurlan, just spoke good English, and when needed my knowledge of Russian also helped. In any case, we had a very nice time, also thanks to Nurlan’s expertise, because he took us to an insanely beautiful secret location in the Temerlik Canyon for the last night in the wilderness, which was the highlight of our trip. We are extremely satisfied customers, and thank you for your full portions for organizing this short br ak. A big compliment to your company, your service and accessibility. Good luck in the future, and who knows, someday. Regards! Borrit.

    Borrit van Dis from The Netherlands on his five day trip with two friends in Almaty Province in June 2019
  • We have just returned from Kazakhstan and are very satisfied. We did the 9-day trip around Almaty with a group of 10 people. What a wonderfully interesting and exciting wide country is Kazakhstan and what a friendly hospitable people. We have seen a lot of beautiful nature and did varied things. We really enjoyed it to the full. Our energetic guide Dina was fantastic, the driver Igor drove very reliably and the Mercedes bus very effectively. We have received more than what we expected. Everything was arranged perfectly and was filled in flexibly. From the very first contact with Ardjan we felt heard in our wishes and plans. That went on for the entire trip. We were very well looked after and there was always good consultation with us. Very nice! That, in combination with the very nice weather made our trip unforgettable. Thank you! We enjoy and simmer for a long time, I expect. Regards Ria.

    Ria van Schaaijk from The Netherlands on her seven day tour with 10 family members in May-June 2019
  • Dear Ardjan, we had a very nice trip in Almaty region with our great driver, Nurlan. The accommodation in Saty village was absolutely great – lovely people and amazing surroundings! All in all we do not have any reason to complain 🙂 We only had no lunch on our way back to Almaty as it was shown in the trip description, but it doesn’t matter at all! It was very important for us to see a landscape and some points of interest BEFORE the mass tourism arrives – so we guess, that it was the right decision for us at the right moment! Thanks for all, Ardjan! Best regards.

    Sebastian from Frechen, Germany, on his four day trip for two persons in Almaty Province in July 2018
  • Hello Ardjan Langedijk, we have made a tour of Kazakhstan from 09-07-2018 until 13-07-2108. We have enjoyed a beautiful country. Our compliments to the guide Sergey. He did a great job, was quiet and had humor at his time. Because of the heat we were sometimes gone early in the morning, but he just kept going until the program ended. He skipped nothing and was open to a new excursion to Khorgos. In short, the guide and the tour is a must! Sincerely.

    Ineke & Martin from The Netherlands on their five-day trip in Almaty Province in July 2018
  • We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Kazakhstan! Ardjan has helped very well. He listened well, worked quickly, and always responded quickly and adequately to our questions, also on the road. We received two contacts for the trip (in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan respectively) who did a good job. We have had a wonderful holiday, and will definitely recommend you.

    Tjemme van der Meer & Ineke Bil from The Netherlands on their short trips in Kazakhstan and in Kyrgystan with four persons in August 2018
  • Dear Ardjan, we had a very interesting and varied holiday. I am glad that we had the first week organized, because the ‘Green ring Almaty’ we could not manage on our own. We had a good driver (Konstantin), who explained everything we wanted to know in English. The trip was very varied: Almaty was very modern, multicultural, and well organized. The villages probably had their peak in the Soviet era. Nature is very beautiful, although you sometimes have to drive a lot for it. The stay in Saty pleased us the best, with nice walks around the Kayindi lake and the Kolsai lakes, and then delicious food at a Kazakh family. Many greetings.

    Annemieke &Thomas from The Netherlands on their eight day tour 'Green Ring Almaty' in August 2018
  • Hi Ardjan, we are indeed back again. Had a great trip and enjoyed the open nature, friendly people and traveling itself. Thanks for organizing, it is amazing how everything went smoothly!

    Koen van Dijk from The Netherlands on his 18-day trip 'Destination, the Shrinking Aral Sea' for two persons in July-August 2018
  • This summer we went on a tour in Kazakhstan, its was our introduction to the country. From travel reports on the internet we understood that some trips can not be done on your own. We found Kazakhstan Tours during our search on the internet. We wanted a tailor-made tour to the Aral Sea. Ardjan has made us a proposal in which we found ourselves perfectly fine. We have been to the Aral Sea with a good English speaking guide. On the way we stopped regularly and we also received a lot of information. A great guide. We stayed at a Kazakh family home and although we do not speak the language, this was a very nice and unique experience. We also watched the World Cup final football in the local pub, this was also very nice to experience. Our train departed at 6 o’clock in the morning, that was no problem at all. There was even a delicious breakfast prepared for us by the hostess, for which our compliments. We can therefore recommend Ardjan / Kazakhstan Tours to everyone.

    Family Deurloo from The Netherlands on their four day trip for four persons to the Aral Sea in July 2018
  • It was a wonderful trip to and in Kazakhstan. Astana is a special city and fun to see and experience. In Shymkent we were nicely met by Ismail and drove past the cultural highlights. On the way we got camel milk. I should have politely refused that, it turned out later. The train journey from Turkestan to Tulkubas was very nice and comfortable. Akzu-Zhabagly is beautiful, our accommodation was fine and the Rustem guide was fun and informative. Then we took the Spanish train to Almaty. The Spanish train is considerably less stable than the Russian one, but still okay. Almaty is a beautiful city. Here we rented a car with which we went to Altyn Emel and Charyn Canyon. Beautiful landscapes. We ended in Almaty for another day and a half. We found it a very nice experience! Friendly people and a country worth travelling. Impressive landscapes. Thank you for your help and kind regards.

    Ruud Limmen from The Netherlands on his 9-day trip for four persons in several parts of Kazakhstan in June 2018
  • Together with guide Timur we left Almaty to spend five days in the countryside. In a short time we have seen a very varied nature: from the dry and rugged White Mountains and Singing Dune to the beautiful Kolsai lake and an overnight stay in a yurt. The lack of many tourists and the friendliness of the people on the road make you secretly feel a bit of an adventurer in undiscovered territory. For lovers of nature, this tour is an absolute must!

    Gwenda Alblus from The Netherlands on her nature trip from Almaty for two persons in August 2018
  • Good afternoon, we had a fantastic trip! Kazakhstan is a beautiful country, even more beautiful than expected. Everything was very well taken care of and arranged. Our guide Dina and the driver also deserve compliments. Always trying to please us. In short, it was great!!

    Tini van Schaaijk from The Netherlands on their 9-day tour Green Ring Almaty for 10 persons in May-June 2018
  • June 2018, father and son on an adventurous trip. 8-day trip made self-drive 4×4. All perfectly arranged by Ardjan. Beautiful landscapes. Almaty – Charyn Canyon – Saty (Kolsai lakes) – Altyn Emel National Park (singing dunes and mountains). Compliment to the local guidance. Both on arrival and departure travel agent Assija was present with tips, all information (hotels, homestays, telephone numbers) and also when transferring the rental car.
A wonderful trip! Quite long days but definitely worth it!

    Leo and Ko van Loon from The Netherlands on their 8-day self-drive tour Green Ring Almaty in June 2018
  • As I promised, I am getting back to you regarding our holiday. It was fantastic. The balance between trekking and having a look was achieved.  The final itinerary was a good balance.
Each section of Kazakhstan was unique, our local guides great, so knowledgeable and made sure our trip was fantastic.  All guides were punctual, where a guide was due to be that’s where they were.  The drivers were very courteous and safe and good travelling companions. The train travel great, the people so friendly. It was amazing the conversations we had with locals without any common language. The family photos and a couple of kangaroo pictures broke the ice.
A storm which meant we couldn’t camp overnight caused us to sleep in pilgrims hostel at one of the underground mosques. What an amazing experience, actually one of the highlights.
Tajikistan was also great, so incredibly beautiful and again the people lovely. Great guide and driver for the trip. Overall the accommodation was excellent, the standard differed in each location to match the location.
The only criticism was we had too much food, so well fed. The restaurants etc, great. For people wanting to experience these two countries this trip was perfect. Once again thanks.

    Steve and Penny Beagley from Darwin, Australia, on their 27-day itinerary in Kazakhstan (including the Mangistau region) & Tajikistan in May-June 2018
  • Dear Ardjan, we have had a carefree and fantastic journey. The environment in both countries was even better than we had imagined and the people were much friendlier than expected (we had expected Russian ‘friendliness’). We were also happy with our choice to travel without a guide, that is fine to do and gives a bit more freedom.
The overnight stays were very varied and sometimes had above expectation luxury. Food in the homestays was very good. Thanks to the fact that the overnight locations in cities & villages were located in central places we could immediately explore the neighborhood. The Baytur resort was disappointing with unfriendly staff and all the plumbing was leaking (we had a cottage, maybe the yurts are better).
Car rental was excellent, clear contract and good agreements. Overnight locations could have been specified in advance, for example with coordinates. We will definitely recommend you to friends who also want to travel in Central Asia. Maybe I will go on motorbike again through Kyrgystan and Tajikistan. Thank you for arranging. Sincerely.

    Diederik Zuiderwijk from The Netherlands on his 21-day tour for two persons in Kazakhstan & Kyrgystan in rented cars in August 2018