Individual Tour Examples in Turkmenistan

Darwaza gascrater in Turkmenistan

8 days – introduction to the country – lightly adventurous

Turkmenistan Highlights Tour

In eight days you will visit the most important highlights of Turkmenistan with this tour program. You travel from Ashgabat to the Kopet Tag mountains, to the cultural treasures of Konye Urgench from the time of the Silk Road in Turkmenistan. And also to the notoriously burning Darwaza gas crater, to the Merv excavations and of course to the capital Ashgabat itself. Prices from €1,095-1,175 per person at four-two people.


Kopetdag Mountains in Turkmenistan

15 days – adventurous – throughout the whole country

Rond Tour Turkmenistan Complete

You literally visit every corner of Turkmenistan during this trip. And of course also the lands between. In addition to the capital Ashgabat you travel to Turkmenbashi and Yangikala in the west, Dashoguz and Konye Urgench in the north, Mary and Merv in the south and the Kugitang mountains in the east. All in all, there’s desert, nature, tribal people, sites of the time of the Silk Road in Turkmenistan plus present-day culture in this tour! Prices from €1,925-2,250 per person at four-two people.


Campinf in the Turkmen desert

10 days – off road – adventurous – camp site accommodations

Desert Landscapes of Turkmenistan

A mainly off-road adventure by 4WD through the western part of Turkmenistan, camping five times along the way. In addition to rural life, you will come across the famous Darwaza burning gas crater. Also there will be sites of archaeological excavations from the time of the Silk Road in Turkmenistan. Finally you will spend a day relaxing in a resort on the Caspian Sea! The capital Ashgabat is of course also on the program. Costs from €1,475-1,595 per person at four-two people.


Romantic dinner at the Darwaza crater, and more tour options

Festival Tours in Turkmenistan

On these pages we offer a number of sample programs in Turkmenistan. Of course there are many more options. For example, a trip to the festival for the Turkmen race horse ‘Ahalteke’ (April), or to the national day of the carpet (May). And finally to the festivities around the Persian New Year ‘Navruz’ (March).