Festival Tours to Turkmenistan

Festival Tours to Turkmenistan

Ashgabat bazar, Turkmenistan

Are you looking for a special angle for a trip to Turkmenistan, or do you have a passion for race horses, carpets or folklore?
Then the travel program to the day of the Turkmen race horse ‘Ahalteke’ might be something for you.

Or to the day of celebration for the carpet, also very important in Turkmenistan.

Every year on March 21 in Turkmenistan – and throughout Central Asia – the Persian New Year ‘Navruz’ is celebrated. That can also be a good reason and time to visit the country!

On this page you can read more about it and find the dates of the festivals. Write us for more information and prices.

In 2023 you still have a visa and even an invitation letter (LOI) to visit the closed Turkmenistan. We arrange the LOI for you, you receive and pay for the visa on the spot upon arrival in the country.

You can read more about travelling in Turkmenistan and in Central Asia here. Including much practical advise.

Tour to the National Day for the Ahalteke Race Horse, April 28, 2024.
Are you a horse enthusiast with a special interest in the Turkmen Ahalteke race horse? Then a trip to Turkmenistan around this Festival is a great opportunity to get to know the country and horse better.
The festivities take place at the Hippodrome in the capital Ashgabat.
With your input we can create any program centered around this Festival.

Tour to the Navruz New Year Festival on March 21 every year

Every year on March 21 in Turkmenistan and throughout Central Asia, “Navruz” is celebrated, or the ancient Persian New Year.
On this trip you will experience the festivities in and around the capital Asghabat. Expect a lot of music, dance and folklore.
With your input we can draw up and offer a program centered around this Festival.

Tour to the National Carpet Day on May 26, 2024

Carpets and its manufacturing are greatly honored in Turkmenistan. Therefore even a National Carpet Day exists. It falls on May 26 in 2024.
The Carpet Museum is located in the capital Ashgabat and the festivities also take place here.
If you choose and buy a Turkmen carpet, we will help you with the formalities and shipping to your home.
We can with your input draw up and offer a program around this Festival.

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