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Combination tour Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan now on offer

Of course it was possible all the time to combine these two splendid countries but we added an example of a tour program in Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan to our collection. Have a look here. The program can be adapted as you like (and as possible), it’s an example of an individual tour.

Lonely Planet voted Central Asia to be the best travel region for 2020. Explaining their choice for tours in Central Asia with the fascinating history and stunning landscapes in the region. You can read and view it here.

We offer tailor-made tours in the Central Asia, plus a number of group tours with a special theme. The tour programs on offer on these are pages are examples. With our vast knowledge of the region we gladly assist you to create your perfect trip in Central Asia.

Continuously trying to improve our tours we visit the region every year to get new ideas.
In 2019 we crossed the heartland of Kyrgyzstan east to west, resulting in this new, 15-day varied and adventurous tour program.

As more visitors discover the Central Asian countries, we try to develop in addition to classical tours also special tours and even expeditions to lesser known places. For example a trip to the Zhongar Mountains in Kazakhstan, or to Nukus and the seabed of the former Aral Sea in Uzbekistan.

Of course you will find classic tours in all five Central Asian countries as well, and please keep in mind that all offered programs are examples. We gladly help you to create your own tailor-made tour in the region.

Cooperation with Dutch TV-Productions

We are proud to say that from 2010 we have been five times partners of the famous (in The Netherlands) Dutch TV programs ‘3 op Reis’ en ‘De gevaarlijkste wegen van de wereld’, organizing with our local partners their productions in Central Asia.

You can find many more programs in Kazakhstan on our website www.kazaktours.com.
And from 2015 we offer tours in Belarus and Ukraine as well (though these are unfortulately suspended during Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine from 2022), have a look at www.tourstobelarus.com

Pilav, Uzbek food



Largest country out of five; five times with just 17 million inhabitants. Which means much emptiness, consisting of steppe and desert. Also a lot of natural resources and a lot of money, which unfortunately does not automatically mean that the majority of the population is rich. The Kazakhs are traditionally a nomadic people. From the end of the 19th century especially Russians, but also Poles, Germans, Koreans, Uygurs, Uzbeks, Ukrainians and many other peoples moved to Kazakhstan.




The smaller brother of Kazakhstan, unfortunately without many natural resources and therefore much less prosperous. Just like the Kazakhs, the Kyrgyz are traditionally nomads. In the summer the many yurts, horses and riders across the country bear witness of this. Of all the countries in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has the most spectacular nature. The accommodation options, yurt camps and well-organized homestays, are excellent.



With the largest population, Uzbekistan, apart from its central location in the area, is leading in Central Asia alongside Kazakhstan. This is the heartland of the ancient culture of the Silk Route. Uzbekistan is opening up to the world and in 2022 changes in the country are still taking place at an amazing pace – for the better. Importantly, from February 2019 for many countries a visa is no longer required for a visit. Be there before the crowds discover Uzbekistan!




Undoubtedly the most eccentric destination within Central Asia, and therefore the most challenging. Turkmenistan is an outsider. A very closed country in which the possibilities for traveling around freely are limited. The good news is that there are few visitors, obtaining a visa is usually not a problem. However there is plenty of interest to experience, from deserts and it’s tribal inhabitants to excavations sites, and of course the capital Ashgabat.



In the far southeast of Central Asia the small and mountainous Tajikistan is situated. The culture and also the language of the Tajiks is related to the Persians, different from those of the other four countries in the region. A famous route through the mountains is the legendary Pamir Highway, from Osh in Kyrgystan to Dushanbe. You will find fantastic mountain lakes and hiking opportunities in the Fann Mountains, close to border with Uzbekistan.


Country Combinations

If you do have sufficient time at your disposal, say at least two weeks, you can of course visit a combination of countries in Central Asia. Differences between countries are considerable; nomadic cultures of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan; old cities, buildings and crafts in Uzbekistan; desert and excavations in Turkmenistan; and finally Persian culture of Tajikistan.