Even More Tour Programs in Kyrgyzstan

Even More Tour Programs in Kyrgyzstan

Berkutchi Eagle hunter in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is not only the most beautiful country in Central Asia, but also a paradise for all kinds of outdoor activities. On this website we show some example programs.

But there are many more travel options! From following a Berkutchi (hunter with an eagle) to spectacular winter sports, from countless possibilities to trekking in different mountains to experiencing one of the many and colorful festivals. You can join an expedition to spot endangered species such as the snow leopard, or enjoy a culinary tour.

Wintersport in Kirgizië

Wintersports in Kyrgyzstan

You can read more about travelling in Kyrgyzstan plus practical advise on this webpage.

Searching for the Snow Leopard
A five day expedition in the Tien Shan Mountains


Snow Leopard

– you travel from Bishkek to the Ak-Shyirak valley in the most remote part of the Tien Shan Mountains
– staying here in yurts, tents and in a homestay
– in this area live marmots, wolves, Argali sheep, Ibex, foxes, eagles and also the timid snow leopard
– you move in the high valley (at 1,650 meters) up to an altitude of 3,000 meters on foot and by horse
– a local ranger provides explanations and points out traces of the snow leopard – binoculars are available
– season for this expedition is May-September
– cost indication €900-1,800 per person for 7-2 persons and for five days
– combining with another travel program in Kyrgyzstan is possible

Op pad met de Adelaarsjagers
Een winterse expeditie van acht dagen met veel paardrijden

Adelaarsjagers op pad

Eagle hunters on the move

– on the road with the real Berkutchi or eagle hunters in the wilderness of Kyrgyzstan
– you stay in hunting cabins with 2-3 beds and shared sanitary facilities
– base is the town of Bokonbaeva on the south side of Lake Issyk Kul
– from there you will go hunting on different days in a canyon, on a plateau and near a mountain lake
– prey animals are foxes, hares, jackals and possibly wolves
– you ride horses for 4-6 hours over three hunting days
– including visits and excursions in the cities of Karakol and Bishkek, to hot springs and more
– demonstrations of hunters with special hunting dogs, falcons and archers are also planned in Karakol. You may participate yourself.

Jachthonden in Kirgizië

Hunting Dogs in Kyrgyzstan

– the season for this expedition is October-February, as the eagles need the backdrop of snow to spot prey
– cost indication for the eight-day program for 2-5 persons is €1,950-1,100 per person

Hot Springs in winter

Hot Springs in winter

Even more tour programs in Kyrgyzstan, ask for for the possibilities

Festival tours|
Kyrgyzstan has many festivals, usually of one or two days, in honor of all kinds of folklore. For example, in honor of felting (June 28-29, 2023), agriculture & folklore (July 1, 2023), horse riding (July 15 and July 30, 2023) and more. We can offer you a travel program including one or more of these festivals.

Winter sports
Kyrgyzstan has high mountains and plenty of snow in winter. Don’t expect facilities like in the Alps, but there are lifts, there is cross-country skiing, there is heli-skiing, there are frozen lakes, there is transport and there are accommodations. In short, there is everything for an adventurous winter sports holiday!

Wintersport in Kirgizië

Wintersports in Kyrgyzstan

Culinairy tour
Get to know the cuisine of Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. You will stay in people’s homes, attend cooking workshops and experience life in a Kyrgyz family. This trip can be organized all year round.

Kookreis in Kirgizië

Culinary Tour in Kyrgyzstan

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