Here is a summary of the visa situation in the four countries. The reality at the moment of reading may have changed, please keep this in mind. Also, requirements differ per country so please check out on the internet what is required for your country!

The requirements vary by country in Central Asia. From easy to most difficult:

Since 2012 it has visa – free travel, hurray!

From July 2014 also Kazakhstan is visa-free for stays up to 15 days for nationals of ten countries: USA, UK Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Malaysia, UAE, South Korea and Japan!

Most foreigners, including all Westerners need a visa to enter Kazakhstan. Visas can be obtained from Kazakh Embassies and Consulates abroad.
In general the application is straightforward and takes not more than a few days. Since mid-2009 it is possible to obtain a Kazakh tourist single-entry visa and a double-entr  visa without first arranging a letter of invitation. For obtaining a multiple-entry tourist visa one still needs to arrange a letter of invitation in advance (we can arrange these letters). And we arrange cover letters for the Kazakh consuls for everyone who books a tour with us.
Importantly: when you will stay in Kazakhstan more than five days you will need to register with local authorities. When you arrive in he country at an international airport (Almaty, Astana) you will automatically be registered there and receive a small stamped form.
However, when you enter Kazakhstan over land, please have your hotel or inviting organization arrange your registration because you will not be able to leave the country without this registration!

It is not expected that the visa will soon be abolished.
To apply for a visa, you must have an official letter of invitation (LOI), i.e. one that is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan. Through our local partner that we can provide for it in case you book a trip with us.
It is then possible to obtain ths visa upon arrival in Uzbekistan, provided you reside in a country where no Uzbek representation is present. Citizins living in countries with an Uzbek representattion should obtain their visa in advance with that Embassy or Consulate.
Applying for  the LOI will take two weeks.

Also a country that we do not currently expect to remove its visa requirements.
The situation is similar to that of Uzbekistan .
To apply for a visa, you must have an official letter of invitation (LOI), i.e. one that is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan. Through our local partner we can provide for one in case you book a trip with us .
It is then possible to obtain a Turkmen visa upon arrival in the country, though you might prefer to arrange it in advance at a (local) Turkmen Embassy or Consulate.
Applying for the LOI takes two weeks.


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