People may be reluctant to travel in Central Asia because of the war in Ukraine. That can be ‘a feeling’, indescribable, but waiting for an end to that gruesome battle.

It may also be that people believe that the flight to Central Asia will take them into the (dangerous) airspace of Ukraine, or into that of unwanted Russia. That is certainly not the case I can guarantee you.
Or people may believe that Russia is starting another conflict, this time in its former backyard of Central Asia. In certain circles in Russia there are rumors that parts of northern Kazakhstan actually belong to Russia. And there are even ultra-nationalists who believe that the Soviet Union should be honored, if necessary by force. But in practice, the chances of Russia launching another open aggression, this time in Central Asia, are next to zero.
Don’t let it stop you from visiting this interesting and largely undiscovered corner of the world!

P.S. Of course we are fully on the side of Ukraine in its fight against the brutal aggressor Russia.